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Yorkshire car and Plant Glazing - Stone Chip Repair service

Stone Chip As soon as you notice a chip in your windscreen, time is of the essence - the longer stone chips are left, the greater the chance there is of them leading to a cracked windscreen whilst your vehicle is in motion. The safest option is to repair as soon as possible, as it is considerably cheaper and quicker to repair a windscreen rather than replace it.

Yorkshire Car and Plant Glazing have a repair first policy. We do our level best to repair a windscreen before replacing it.

At Yorkshire Car and Plant Glazing we can repair most chips within 30 minutes using our windscreen chip removal system.The repair process works by injecting a liquid acrylic resin into the damaged glass.The resin is cured by the use of long wave ultra violet light.

Our windscreen repair process can now have you on your way within 30 minutes. Yorkshire Car and Plant Glazing's mobile windscreen repair service enables our trained mobile windscreen technicians to come to you where ever you are.

If you spot a chip in your vehicle's windscreen, call us as soon as possible before it turns into a much bigger problem.

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